Monday, 8 July 2013

Relief Printing Workshop 6th July - snapshots

Saturday 6th July was a very busy and productive day in our Ramsgate print studio for the Relief Printing workshopThank you to everyone who participated and made this workshop such an enjoyable and successful experience. We worked on developing ideas with image and text on wood and lino in b/w and colour. The group also explored reduction printing techniques and combining mixed media processes by using multi-block printing and collage. We plan to have a follow-up workshop very soon!

Preparation, cutting lino and wood followed by printing on galley press with woodcut block and wooden type
Rolling out the colour and inking up
Three-colour woodcut

"Print wall", first and second stage reduction block prints

Woodcut, collage and wooden type printed on galley press

A selection of final prints, demonstrating examples of reduction block printing on lino and wood, experimenting with collage and wooden type to build and develop individual responses to the process of relief printing

Two-colour multi-block lino cut with collage

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